Business Ethics

Successful business outcomes and responsible behaviour in society are important for us and should be for our suppliers.

At MBDA we adhere to, and expect our suppliers to observe, the values of fairness, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

Eric BérangerÉric Béranger

Our reputation is based on integrity and the respect of the laws and regulations – both in our domestic countries and in export countries where we operate.
Many of our activities are not governed by laws or regulations, in which case the principle of integrity must govern our conduct. It is our personal responsibility to apply this principle at all times.

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Opening of the new MBDA data centre

This information was first published by the DGA: On 26th March, Christian Dugué, in charge of the Nuclear deterrent mission […]


In accordance with individual national regulations and laws, please click on the relevant documents below.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by our business to behave ethically and through our actions, operations, products and services.

We contribute to the three pillars of sustainability such as economic development whilst also integrating social and environmental concerns into our core strategies as well as our business operations.

MBDA is also part of the local community where we have our offices or factories. We therefore need to ensure our actions in some way benefit as much of the community as possible.

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