Sensor / Imaging

CFMS © MBDA DeutschlandMBDA provides Common Future Modular Seeker (CFMS) and the i3K day sight camera, two advanced and adaptable sensor solutions which have been designed to be used for a wide range of missile systems.

Common Future Modular Seeker

The CFMS of MBDA is based on a stabilized infrared camera and re-uses qualified components. The ITAR-free seeker is easily adaptable to any missile system. It has been derived from state-of-the-art in-service systems, leading to a competitive price.


CFMS on Test Bench
CFMS on Test Bench © MBDA Deutschland
  • Easy project specific adaption by modular “kit” design
  • Different gimbal sizes available
  • Project specific adaptable Infra Red wavelength and field-of-view
  • Optional image processing on customer request
  • Adaptable missile interface
  • Various interfaces available (e.g. MIL-bus 1553, IEEE 1394)


  • Application specific outer structure
  • Application specific interface electronics
  • Imaging Infra Red sensor with corresponding processing & correction electronics
  • Two axes gimbal stabilization with corresponding electronics
  • Use of state-of-the-art low-cost micromechanic rate sensors

i3K day sight camera

The i3K day sight camera has been developed by MBDA for the ADT firing post in the MILAN ER missile system. It provides state of the art surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition.

Camera characteristics

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High precision optics
  • Single and dual optical Field Of View (FOV) design available
  • Very high focusing accuracy
  • Enhanced gunner image
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): ~15.000hrs
  • Easy integration
  • Upgrade potential due to vacant Field Programmable Gate Array  (FPGA) memory
  • Image processing near real-time
  • ITAR-free

High performance and robustness

i3K day sight camera © MBDA Deutschland
i3K day sight camera © MBDA Deutschland

The i3K day sight camera of the ADT firing post in the MILAN ER missile system replaces the conventional direct view optical sight of the former MILAN firing post and allows real-time image processing algorithms for an improved gunner’s image. The result is an extended range for the missile system and an enhanced hit probability.

Due to the modular interfaces, in connection with the small outer dimensions, the i3K camera can easily be integrated into existing systems like firing posts, gunner sights and further applications, requiring a minimum of size and weight.

The very robust camera has been designed to withstand operations in rough environments. It is operating temperature ranges from -32°C to +71°C. As no mechanical aperture is required, the camera’s vulnerability has been further reduced. Mechanical shocks up to 50g are easily absorbed. In consequence, the i3K camera comes up with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of approx. 15.000hrs.