Modular Navigation Core (NavCore)

navcoreThe Modular Navigation Core (NavCore) is a robust navigation system, which can easily be adapted to a broad range of applications.

Experience is key to innovation

MBDA designs complex navigation systems, like the  “TriTec navigation” (aiding GPS with the fusion of INS, terrain reference and image based navigation sensors) for the TAURUS KEPD 350 standoff missile. Ongoing projects and studies with the German MoD focus on the test and evaluation of the latest advancements in navigation technologies. On basis of this experience, MBDA developed a modular Navigation Core (NavCore).

Compatibility and Robustness

NavCore can be deployed for various missile types and even tactical UAVs. As all applications have their specific requirements, the navigation system provides interfaces for various inertial sensor types of different classes (low grade to high/tactical grade IMUs) as well as for other avionic sensors like altimeters. Compatibility with sensors of all major manufacturers have been tested and verified. NavCore is ready to be used with Galileo or GLONASS navigation satellite systems.

For optimum performance the navigation system applies loosely or tightly coupled sensor fusion algorithms and highly sophisticated Kalman filters, which reduce dependency on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals. The result is a robust navigation solution for all kinds of applications. To further improve the robustness of the navigation system anti jamming measures can be added, e.g. Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas (CRPA) in combination with civil or military GNSS receivers.

A minimized form factor and low power consumption are essential features for most missile types. NavCore is suitable for calibers down to 70mm whilst passive cooling allows the saving of electric energy. The navigation system is fully qualified for military environment and compatible with the OSI interface according to STANAG 4572. The design of NavCore is ITAR free. ITAR controlled sensors can be integrated as an option.