AKERON MP Sea Launched

AKERON MP Sea Launched


  • Lightweight weapon system
  • One munition with multi-purpose capability
  • Various trajectories, for direct hit to top attack
  • Multiple firing modes


AKERON MP is the only 5th generation missile in service combat proven in the world. It has been operationally tested and proven in extreme climates (desert and sub-arctic conditions).


Operational advantages for maritime domain
  • Always one firing configuration suitable to the operational context
  • Light missile for fast and easy reloading sea
  • Easy installation on all naval platform (new built or retrofit): on mast or existing remote weapon station with simple kit
  • High precision against small and fast vessels, and static or fast moving land targets, at all ranges


  • Weight: 15kg (including tube)
  • Lenght: 1.3m in tactical canister
  • Warhead: 140mm
  • Range: 4,000m+ all modes, all conditions
  • Data Link: Real time (fibre optic)

NARWHAL automatic turret

  • Remote controlled system
  • 20mm gun from NEXTER
  • Multisensor turret (IR, TV, telemeter)
  • Stabilised turret in Azimuth and Elevation
  • Automatic target tracking
  • Easy AKERON MP installation on NARWHAL
  • Two ready-to-fire AKERON MP missiles
  • AKERON MP dedicated multi-function console
  • Salvo firing possibility