Surface Launched Brimstone

Surface Launched Brimstone


Common Effector: Brimstone

  • Battle proven – over 98% success rate in defeating static, moving and manoeuvring target sets including MBTs and other armoured vehicles
  • MBTs and other armoured vehicles
  • One common missile for all missions and platforms
  • Organic battlegroup capability
  • Low collateral damage in restrictive engagement scenarios
  • All-weather fire-and-forget capability
  • Defeats all known Defensive Aid Suites/Active Protection Systems
  • Extends effects coverage and points of presence
  • Repels adversary formations and single point targets
  • Simple integration into platform architectures
  • Best in class Insensitive Munitions-compliant for safety


The challenges of the modern battlefield increasingly demand that tactical land forces have the organic capability to engage adversaries with precision at range and in volume. Brimstone offers ‘one missile, multi-platform’ versatility and is designed to be integrated onto helicopters, fixed wing aircraft (including fast jets), land vehicles, naval platforms and UAVs.

The surface-launched Brimstone payload provides the tactical commander with the capability to deliver precision anti-armour effects at long ranges, with minimal integration of the modular launcher.

  • High load-out to increase combat mass
  • High off-boresight agility of Brimstone avoids the complexity of rotating turrets
  • Cassette or single reloading options
  • Inter-operable between wheeled and tracked platforms


  • 50: kg
  • 1.8: mm
  • 180: mm
  • Guidance: Millimetric wave radar and semi-active laser
  • Warhead: Multi-effect, tandem-shaped charge with adaptive fusing

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