Customer Support and Services

MBDA Consumer Support and Services - On the Field


To make sure that the level of support provided is continually able to meet the most demanding of our customer’s requirements, MBDA is totally focused on developing and upgrading the means and skills necessary to provide a tailored service.

More than 500 people in our department work daily around the clock to serve MBDA’s customers in over 50 countries around the world. Their principal aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction throughout the full life cycle of the products concerned.

This is achieved through building and maintaining the all-important links between our customers and the formidable technical skills to be found within MBDA, even before their products have entered into operational service.


When we boast of “excellence at your side”, this claim goes way beyond the excellence of our products. We also aim for excellence in the customer support we provide throughout the full duration of a product’s in-service life that could extend up to 30 years.

Our customer support is fully comprehensive and implies our dedicated involvement:

→ During the conception and development phases, to facilitate the maintenance of the product in an optimal operational condition once it has entered into service

→ Once in service, to provide training and supply the means necessary for the products to function optimally (documentation, spare parts, service and maintenance equipment, infrastructure etc.)

→ During the product’s operational life, to ensure it meets the required level of availability through preventative maintenance, repairs, providing technical assistance when required, configuration management, technology activities and occasionally stocks and associated aspects

→ For mid-life enhancements

Demilitarisation at the end of the product’s useful service life

Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of customer relationship means that we are continually innovating and looking for improvements on how to provide the best support and services. We answer and anticipate our customers’ expectations, as a result, we ensure quality and performance.

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