Innovation at MBDA

Innovation is a key condition for MBDA’s future growth and sustaining our position as a world-leading player in missile systems. It is the very heartbeat of our company – it is part of everything we do every day within every aspect of our business.  If a DNA scan of MBDA were done, innovation would be as prominent in our profile as our technical and business excellence.


The MBDA Innovation Awards are the pinnacle of recognition for the very best of innovation within our business. They are a celebration of the calibre of world-class technical mastery that MBDA people have in every domain of our business.  They provide a proud and strong demonstration of our capabilities and competencies and establish new reference points for our competitors to aspire to meet to be able to compete with MBDA in a global market.

All of the nominations demonstrated the expertise and mastery that is the benchmark criteria for innovation excellence within our company. They also displayed a passion within the successful teams to think and act differently within their working environment plus a desire to assess, manage and take risk in developing a technical solution.  

MBDA has a proud fifty-year heritage of innovation and we keep this heartbeat strong if we are to successfully meet the challenges ahead. We must recognise and reward innovation to ensure that we remain a world-class company continually innovating and growing our business for another fifty years.

Find out interviews of Guido Lami, Excecutive Group Director Technology & Performance and of some innovative projects’ Teams Leaders

Innovation Lab experience 

Every employee wishing to participate and propose a breakthrough idea can take part in the Innovation Lab challenge. It is about 100 projects proposed each year helping MBDA to move forward, anticipate and thus remain one of the leaders of the world market. Not only does it include the company’s employees in the strategy definition, but this call for projects also helps strengthen the innovative and entrepreneurship spirit as well as enhance collaboration and audacity within MBDA. Thus, we remain at the forefront of technology in the search for future sovereign capabilities in missile and missile systems.

The principle is very simple:

Do you have an innovative idea in mind? Do you want to turn it into a project and benefit from a budget to carry it out? Do not waste any more time and take part of the Innovation Lab experience!

A jury of MBDA‘s experts will select the best proposals and the project will benefit from personalized support and fundings.

MBDA employees tell about their experiences

SMART VISIONS: the Intrapreneurship Programme

The goal of SMART VISIONS is to turn innovative business ideas into reality. This challenge allows all MBDA’s collaborators to take up their innovative spirit becoming intrapreneurs.

Elaborating on tomorrow weapon systems, products, applications, businesses or approaches, this is an opportunity to engage in a new adventure and take the time to build the future with us.

Thanks to this new approach and leadership model, we will help our team promote change, build trust, encourage collaboration, and inspire others.

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