• All-weather day and night air defence of host platform and protected assets beyond 40km
  • High Performance against all existing and predicted air threats, including manoeuvring and low RCS targets, in intense ECM and clutter environments
  • Multiple simultaneous 360° degree target engagement and ability to defeat saturation attacks
  • Suitable for installation on various classes of warship, from OPVs up to destroyers
  • Soft Vertical Launch technology provides highly efficient, low signature operation
  • Minimal logistic support and maintenance requirements enable through-life cost savings


Albatros NG is a new generation Naval Based Air Defence (NBAD) system capable of providing self and local area defence against the evolving airborne threat at ranges exceeding 40 km.

The system uses the ER (Extended Range) variant of CAMM (Common Anti-air Modular Missile) which has already been selected by customers around the world for both naval and ground based air defence. CAMM-ER is being developed within the framework of the Italian air defence modernization programme for both ground and naval applications. The Albatros NG offers to the navies an optimized NBAD solution to enhance the defence capabilities of their fleets.

Albatros NG, with the CAMM-ER missile, is capable of defending naval platforms against the ever-evolving air threat, including manned and unmanned aircraft, precision guided munitions, anti-ship missiles and low radar cross section (RCS) targets. It is also capable of defeating the latest countermeasures in providing self defence for the host vessel and local area defence for the protection of consort ships in the vicinity.

The minimal footprint of Albatros NG allows for easy installation on a wide range of platforms and offers an optimized air defence solution for both new builds and retrofits.

Characteristics of CAMM-ER Missile

  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Length: 4.2 m
  • Diameter: 190 mm
  • Range: In excess of 40 km
  • Speed: Supersonic


Operational features:

  • Advanced RF digital seeker combined with data link for target updates delivers exceptional missile accuracy and high single shot kill probability
  • Self defence for vessels operating alone and autonomously as well as local area defence of other vessels in the vicinity
  • Albatros NG can operate with any 3D surveillance radar
  • Two-way RF data link with full 360 degrees coverage
  • Soft Vertical Launch (SVL) reduces system weight, provides flexible installation and fast reaction times

Platform integration:

  • The Albatros NG Command & Control (C2) is designed to enable flexible integration with both new and existing naval Combat Management Systems (CMS).
  • Albatros NG provides air defence capability for platforms from patrol vessel, corvettes to destroyers. It also provides a complementary air defence layer for larger vessels such as frigates and destroyers already equipped with a long range air defence system.
  • Albatros NG, in coordination with the ship’s Command Management System (CMS), can operate in integrated mode under the ship’s CMS control or in autonomous mode when control is exercised by the Albatros NG operator.
  • Compact size and low weight enable high missile load out.
  • SVL eliminates the need for an efflux management system within the vertical launch module thereby reducing the space taken up by the launcher as well as reducing launcher maintenance and stress on the ship hull.