Infantry Weapon Systems – 2010

Infantry Weapon System Concept for 2030 and beyond

MBDA’s first Concept Vision was shown at Farnborough International Airshow in 2010 to take the leap into next-generation support weaponry for the future soldier.

The Infantry Weapon System Concept proposes an integrated fire support solution for the dismounted infantry and addresses the challenges they will face when operating in increasingly complex environments with the need to manage precision target identification along with severe constraints to reducing the collateral footprint.

Designed as an infantry fire support weapon system to provide a light-weight, long range precision weapon allowing the  SInfantry Weapon System Concept is meant to deliver a heavy “punch” for use at lower levels within a force structure.  It is designed to meet urban challenges with greater freedom to engage opportunity targets.

Unlike current weapons, the Infantry Weapon System Concept deals with threats that are intermingled with friendly forces or civilian populations by being able to abide engagement rules and collateral restraints.

This operational edge is provided via its highly accurate and precise targeting sensors, and aiming capability together with a contemporary, easy to use fire control system that ensures man-in-the-loop decision making at all times. The system comprises two new missiles known as Sniper and Enforcer.

Uniquely, the Infantry Weapon System is capable of extreme Non-Line Of Sight targeting opportunities in complex urban environments thanks to its net-centric integration capability when used alongside sensors in the tactical information network.