Mistral 3

Mistral 3


  • Fire-and-forget
  • High manoeuvrability: up to 30g
  • Interception range: up to 8km
  • High supersonic speed – short interception time


Recent conflicts and operations have demonstrated the overarching importance of an efficient and robust force protection capability as a prerequisite for threats deployments.

The increasing diversity and complexity of air threat makes this requirement, even more important today for land, sea and air operations. The MISTRAL 3 is a versatile multi-domain, multiplatform (army, navy and air) combat proven missile which offers comprehensive protection capability against a wide range of threats, with an over 96% success rate.

MISTRAL 3 is the latest version of a long success story that began in the early 90s, perfectly adapted to today’s and future threats.

MISTRAL 3 is a fire-and-forget missile, guaranteeing the same level of outstanding performances. Unlike beam-riding systems, the Mistral terminal accuracy on manoeuvring target is not dependent of the operator’s skills and hence doesn’t need intensive and permanent training, whatever the gunner and the launcher.


  • Weight: less than 20 kg
  • Length: 1.88 m (incl. launch motor)
  • Diameter: ~92 mm