Vigilus – 2012

On demand effects from UAVS of 2035

At the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow, MBDA unveiled an innovative concept weapon system for 2030, called VIGILUS.

VIGILUS is the third output from MBDA’s high profile Concept Visions project that has established the company’s leadership for envisaging how innovation in missile systems could dominate the future battlefield.

VIGILUS proposes a suite of future strike weapons for UAVs that provides a revolutionary close air support capability to the battlefield.  Allowing the UAV to remain at a safe stand-off distance, VIGILUS offers a flexible targeting and strike capability against multiple time critical targets that can be directly controlled by ground troops.

The VIGILUS weapon system comprises an integrated launcher and communications unit, a scout missile, a family of effectors and an integrated weapon command system. All of them deliver greater situational awareness as well as proportional and rapid engagement of time critical targets.

VIGILUS gives the operator permanent real time visual contact with the target, an operational advantage provided by the scout missile, known as Caelus. Caelus can operate at low altitudes below the cloud base, providing accurate and precise targeting data when adverse weather conditions would limit target engagement directly by UAVs.

The VIGILUS weapon system has a flexible and adaptable command system. It can be co-ordinated directly by ground troops, giving them the ability to engage multiple, beyond line of sight targets in both urban and open areas. It can also be controlled by a weapon system operator located in the UAV ground control station.