Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has been delegated by the MBDA Board to manage MBDA and is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. All Executive Committee members report to the CEO and rank equally. The Executive Committee is MBDA’s major management decisions body, in charge of overall management of the MBDA Group and ensures the efficient coordination of its members activities, especially the most complex and sensitive topics that need to be addressed by the Group.

Executive Committee members are appointed by the CEO with prior approval from the MBDA Board.

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Éric Béranger Chief Executive Officer

Read more Stéphane Reb

Stéphane Reb Executive Group Director Programmes
Managing Director MBDA France

Read more Chris Allam

Chris Allam Executive Group Director Engineering
Managing Director MBDA United Kingdom

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Lorenzo Mariani Executive Group Director
Sales & Business Development
Managing Director MBDA Italia

Read more Thomas Gottschild

Thomas Gottschild Executive Group Director Strategy
Managing Director MBDA Germany

Read more Manlio Curraco

Manlio Cuccaro Executive Group Director Technology and Performance

Read more Peter Bols

Peter Bols Executive Group Director Finance

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Philippe Bethouart Executive Group Director Operations

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Philippa Kramer Executive Group Director Human Resources