Our corporate governance structure specifies the distribution of roles and responsibilities within the Group, such as the MBDA Board, the Chief Executive Officer, the Group Directors of the Executive Committee, the national companies’ Managing Directors and other stakeholders.

Our shareholders are three leading players in aerospace and defence: Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo.

The MBDA Board of Directors, composed of shareholders’ nominees, gives MBDA’s objectives to ensure the Group sustainability and adequate returns for shareholders. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the designated permanent representative of the Board and is the only member of the Board permitted to carry out executive functions in MBDA. The Board unanimously approves the Group’s strategy and as a matter of consequence approves all major decisions including strategic bids and contracts, and mergers and acquisitions proposals.

The CEO conducts the overall management of MBDA.

An Executive Committee assists the CEO in carrying out these responsibilities.

The MBDA Leadership team is composed by:  

  • The Chief Executive Officer
  • The Chief Finance Officer
  • The Chief Technology and Performance Officer
  • The Executive Group Director Engineering and Managing Director UK
  • The Executive Group Director Human Resources
  • The Executive Group Director Programmes & Managing Director France
  • The Executive Group Director Sales & Business Development & Managing Director Italy
  • The Executive Group Director Strategy & Managing Director Germany
  • The Executive Group Director Operations
  • The Group Secretary General

MBDA’s corporate governance takes into account the company’s specific and unique organisational model in the defence industry, with an integrated model at the Group level with a unique profit and loss responsibility, while a specific role is taken on by each national company’s Managing Director within their own country. Most of the functions within MBDA’s integrated model feature cross-border committees to develop policies and best practices for their respective activities and operations.

A detailed Business Management System contains all policies, processes and procedures which govern the daily operations of MBDA’s functions and corporate structures; in this way, all stakeholders can manage in a manner which complies with applicable laws and MBDA’s guidelines.

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Éric Béranger Chief Executive Officer

Read more Stéphane Reb

Stéphane Reb Executive Group Director Programmes
Managing Director MBDA France

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Chris Allam Executive Group Director Engineering
Managing Director MBDA United Kingdom

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Giovanni Soccodato Executive Group Director
Sales & Business Development
Managing Director MBDA Italia

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Thomas Gottschild Executive Group Director Strategy
Managing Director MBDA Germany

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Guido Lami Executive Group Director Technology and Performance

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Peter Bols Executive Group Director Finance

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Philippe Bethouart Executive Group Director Operations

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Philippa Kramer Executive Group Director Human Resources

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Morena Bernardini Group Secretary General