Perseus – 2011

A visionary naval and land attack weapon system

The Perseus Concept Vision pursues MBDA’s committment to open up new opportunities, by sharing a vision for future naval warfare capabilities and exploring in an unconventional way the weapon systems architectures to meet it.

The Perseus is capable of multiple operating modes against a wide land and maritime target set whilst defeating advanced enemy defence systems. Designed as a tactical weapon system, Perseus can be operated through an advanced Operations Mission Planning system at the crossroads of naval, land and air warfare.

The advanced, supersonic, agile and stealthy airframe is powered by a revolutionary ramjet motor built around a highly compact Continuous Detonation Wave Engine making it an unrivalled penetrator of defences. Perseus is a perfect weapon against fast relocatable targets when combined with the advanced dual mode sensor package.

The lethal package includes two guided effectors ejected from the payload module and a third warhead remaining on-board for a dispersed lethal effect on multi-elements targets such as a large warship or a ground based missile system.

The new modular composite structure allows reductions to the overall mass and fosters opportunities for capability enhancement through life, simplifying maintenance operations through the whole life cycle and supporting and developing a family of products.

In conclusion, Perseus is a perfect synthesis of ambition and realism at the forefront of innovation.