Stratus – 2014

Flexible missile effects for the future battlespace

STRATUS is MBDA’s 2014 Concept Vision proposing an effect oriented approach that provides Command & Control functions across different domains and platforms to maximise mission success in the most efficient way.

To engage emerging types of threats in the future, armed forces will not only need to have the kind of weapon systems we have showcased over the four previous years of Concept Visions, but they will also need to have access to many, varied weapon system assets at very short notice. For instance, immediate fire support may be needed from across the entire deployed set of weapon assets and not only from a locally deployed unit.

STRATUS creates a theatre-wide virtual weapon system, delivering tremendous efficiencies in terms of robustness, fire power, combination of effects, and reaction time.

STRATUS Concept Vision brings together many key techniques: sharing weapon system resources, distributed coordination and use of a common core interface for the command and control of all deployed and available weapon systems. The benefit lies in the enhancement of the collaboration between deployed weapon systems, providing higher levels of efficiency, flexibility and robustness at battlefield level.

At the heart of STRATUS, there is a principle of limitless. It shares weapon ressources combined with distributed architecture. Within this system, command and control nodes can be auto-coordinated.