Innovation : our path to excellence

Innovation and technical excellence are at the heart of what we do and are the major drivers for MBDA.

MBDA fosters innovation and technical excellence to unrelentingly improve products and increase our worldwide competitiveness. We break new grounds in technology advancement and actively preparing now for missiles and systems programmes of tomorrow.

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Creating value out of missiles systems technologies by anticipating forthcoming issues and design visonary solutions.

Future missile systems are designed through a progressive converging process. We gradually transform operational needs, industrial strategies, ideas, technologies and legacy products into a new solution that will provide real operational value to customers.

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MBDA builds sustainable partnerships and acts to enable a balanced funding of investment in innovation.

Networks and relationships are managed in a collaborative spirit. MBDA also relies on a strong partnership with its customers to favour, direct, support and facilitate the innovative approaches developed within the company and with its partners.

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Concept Visions


Flexis - 2015
Stratus – 2014
Hoplite – 2013
Vigilus – 2012
Perseus – 2011
Infantry Systems – 2010