Fostering a Culture of Innovation


Eric Béranger

Innovation is at the heart of MBDA. More than a strategy, innovation is a core value for the group. For MBDA innovation means understand and anticipate our customers’ needs. Innovation and creativity are part of everything that is done every day within every part of our business.

“We need to anticipate what we will see tomorrow. We have to identify the technologies in which to invest and to understand what the expectations of our customer will be tomorrow. We do not innovate for the sake of innovation – we innovate to support the strategy of the company to meet our customers’ needs”.
Éric Béranger, Chief Executive Officer

Innovation and technical excellence are at the centre of what we do and are the major drivers for MBDA to improve products and increase our worldwide competitiveness. The identification of emerging opportunities for capabilities and products is a significant aspect of our business. To enhance the future MBDA portfolio so that it meets new market requirements.

Innovation is a key enabler to deliver these requirements. It is supported and encouraged at every level within the company.



The company has developed a unique set of tools and techniques that aim to foster both individual creativity and team innovation, with specific focus on developing communities and tools that support a collaborative approach to creative problem solving. Courtesy of Innovation Programme MBDA finds new innovative solutions to prepare the future. Innovation is also continuously supported by strong knowledge management and partnerships.



The Innovation Programme


Innovation is integral at MBDA. The role of the Innovation Programme is to help to find creative, innovative solutions and to improve the environment throughout the company. The top level aim is to encourage creativity and innovation in every function, project and directorate. The Innovation Programme promotes the organisation of collaborative workshops based on creative approaches and tools within the company.

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Industrial specialization in MBDA's centres of excellence.

Innovation Awards – Centre of Excellence rewarded
Four Centres of Excellence were implemented in 2014 to improve our industrial effectiveness and competitiveness through national  specialisation of resources and technologies within the international Anglo-French Group perimeter. Unique governance for all requisite skills (technological, legal, finance, export control, HR) encourages best expertise and practice across teams, while reducing duplication and sustaining the highest level of technology, by favouring common solutions and thus improving competitiveness.
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Knowledge Management & Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge is the core ingredient of innovation. Without knowledge, innovation could not find its path. Knowledge Management is emerging as an important discipline in many sectors of business and is about treating what we know, both individually and collectively, as an organisational asset.

This means putting in place defined roles, processes and technology to proactively manage MBDA’s knowledge assets. The purpose is to better protect MBDA’s corporate memory, increase knowledge sharing & learning and drive performance improvement and innovation across the business.



MBDA is building innovative partnerships with all its partners. In an environment as technical and highly specialised, Open Innovation is key. We also encourage innovation from our partners such as our shareholders, major suppliers, SMEs, and academia. We also work with our governments to promote local and international emerging technology within our business.