Business Ethics

MBDA is committed to comply with the highest standards of ethical business. It prohibits all forms of corruption, whether public or private, at any stage of the negotiation or execution of a Commercial Contract.

We believe that operating at the highest ethical standards is essential to maintain this reputation. We have to be a trustworthy partner to our customers, suppliers and other business partners and also secure our future business success.

A collective behaviour of honesty, integrity and fairness starts with individual conduct of each employee, according to a set of ethical standards, clearly defined and communicated within the company. To support this commitment to integrity and help us upholding our commitment to integrity in our daily work, MBDA has defined a set of ethics standards starting with the MBDA Code of Ethics. This is supported by detailed policies and procedures, both at Group and National scale.

These policies and procedures are regularly updated and supplemented. They are mandatory to all MBDA employees, regardless of location or role.