Achieving Benefits

The Portfolio approach delivers a variety of benefits that are derived from changing the technical, commercial and management approach to delivery.

FASGW ANL firing from wilcat
Sea Venom/ANL launched against enemy vessel © MBDA UK Ltd

How the benefits are achieved

A single Through Life Enabling Contract (TLEC), covering all projects regardless of their phase in the acquisition process, has been established and new items of work are added to this as they arise.

Benefits are achieved by taking a “portfolio” approach and savings are realised predominantly through Commonality and Modularity & Re-use (CM&R) which is at the heart of the CAMM, Sea Ceptor, FLAADS Land and ASRAAM programmes.


Common weapon solutions to satisfy multiple project and/or Customer requirements which significantly reduces both development and manufacturing costs.

Modularity & Re-use

Sharing modules, subsystems and technologies between projects either by utilisation of existing components from legacy projects in future projects or between future projects (design for reuse), thus reducing both development and manufacturing costs.

Further examples of areas generating savings are:

Stockpile Savings

Moving from batch production to a more responsive manufacturing model thus reducing initial stockpile volumes and smoothing production profiles with lower more frequent recuperation volumes.

Future Programme Flexibility

Joint working and planning between UK MoD and MBDA to optimise the use of available budget for CW military capability.

Support Savings

The establishment of a Unified Support Environment delivering savings in weapon support costs.

International Collaboration

The PMA accommodates collaborative projects as a mechanism to provide savings, such as the Anglo-French Sea Venom/ANL anti-ship missile.