Is your emerging technology game changing?

Funding available for novel and innovative technologies that could be true game-changers for future Complex Weapons

Novel and innovative technologies from previous Innovation and Technology Partnership
Image: novel and innovative technologies from previous Innovation and Technology Partnership


The Anglo-French Complex Weapons Innovation and Technology Partnership (CW ITP) is again offering up to €100k (or £GBP equivalent) research funding for ‘Disruptor’ projects.

CW ITP Disruptor proposals provide an opportunity for testing emerging technologies and innovations through short duration, low cost projects that to explore high risk, but potentially high reward, ground breaking activities.

These innovative and disruptive research projects are for the development of generation-after-next missile technologies and capabilities, but the CW ITP welcomes proposals from both defence and non-defence organisations.

The call for these projects favours collaborative proposals from UK and French industry, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and/or Academia all working together. However, projects can be single source or single nation.

Ed Dodwell, Head of the CW ITP, said:

“We’re ideally looking for something that is as game changing as the introduction of GPS was on the approach to missile navigation. With the disruptor projects, we are looking to find and fund that sort of emerging technologies that could have a significant impact on Complex Weapons and how they perform.”

Disruptor projects are contracted and delivered quickly and the funding is to support and nurture ideas without the overheads or constraints that come with the larger CW ITP research proposals, but depending on their outcomes they could lead to follow-on, larger, CW ITP research activities.

Submission deadline for project proposals is 4th March 2022. Projects to start in May 2022. Projects funding is for up to six months.

For details of the submission process and for further information please sign up for CW ITP membership at