Funding available for SME and academic institutions innovative technology projects

Proposals sought for funding novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next Complex Weapons.  Proposal submissions open until 1st October.

Illustration of the Resilient Autonomous SatCom Navigation (REASON) ©Mourad-Cherfi

The Complex Weapons Innovation and Technology Partnership (CW ITP) has a budget of up to €13M per year to fund proposals from Industry, SMEs and Academia on an annual cycle with the aim of developing novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems.

Sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence and the French Direction générale de l’armement (DGA), the CW ITP programme is currently seeking proposals to start in February 2022, funding 12 to 24-month projects.

There are five enduring technical areas (ETAs) identified as unique and critical to the field of complex weapons;

  • Materials, Structures & Electronics;
  • Mission Systems & Algorithms;
  • Seekers;
  • Propulsion and
  • Lethality.

The development funding provided by CW ITP in these areas will help sustain France and the UK‘s industrial and scientific base. It will also help solve capability challenges for future Anglo-French Complex Weapons capability.

Ed Dodwell, Head of CW ITP, said:

“Our strategy is to strengthen the technological base, allow for better understanding of common future needs and challenges for generation-after-next missile systems. To achieve this, we seek to partner SME and academic institutions from the UK and France with Global Defence Industry players.

“Our call for proposals is your chance to submit your project ideas that fit with the mission of the CW ITP and, if successful, gain funding to help them become a reality. Please also encourage any academic or SME partners you work with who you think may benefit to submit their proposals.”

A window for submission of ETA Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costed proposals is open from 5 July 2021 until the closing date of 1 October 2021.

After this, a down-selection of proposals will take place by 3 December 2021 following a briefing on each proposal to the DGA and Dstl.

Each selected project is required to provide a fully costed proposal by the end of January 2022, with contracts placed in February 2022.

CW ITP welcomes proposals from both defence and non-defence organisations.

For details of some of the challenges the projects could address, please download the ‘Enduring Technology Area Project Call’ flyer below.

For details of the submission process and for further information please go to 

From 2021, CW ITP replaced the MCM ITP (Materials and Components for Missiles, Innovation and Technology Partnership) whilst continuing its work and completing its remaining obligations.