MBDA signs cooperative air defence agreement with Polish


MBDA today signed an agreement with leading elements of the Polish defence equipment industry at the MSPO trade show in Kielce, Poland. The agreement, signed in the presence of Polish Vice-Prime Minister Przeyslaw Dosiewski and Polish Secretary of State for Defence Marek Zajakala, is aimed at future cooperation to meet the Polish Armed Forces’ long term ground based air defence requirements.

Under the agreement MBDA, along with Przemyslowy Instytut Telekomunikacji (PIT) and RADWAR (part of BUMAR, Poland’s largest defence equipment manufacturer) will have the common aim of providing the Polish Armed Forces with the range of Polish made weapon systems that will be needed to meet the country’s national anti-air defence requirements as well as its NATO and European commitments over the next 20 years.

Following the signing ceremony Didier Philippe, MBDA’s Senior Vice President, Export told Mr Dosiewski that: “MBDA is very proud to be at the heart of what promises to be a longstanding and fruitful cooperation with Poland’s leading companies in the area of air defence, radars and Command and Control Systems. As well as its primary aim, which is to meet Poland’s air defence requirements, the agreement also paves the way for MBDA to involve BUMAR, RADWAR and PIT in its wider efforts in developing the future range of European air defence systems that will see the integration of the latest technology developments in the area of missile systems and associated electronics”.