Leading defence companies partner for FRES programme


A group of major defence companies has today announced their teaming arrangement to compete for the System of Systems Integrator (SOSI) role on the UK Ministry of Defence’s Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) vehicle programme. Their combined commitment is reflected in their joint response to the MoD’s recently issued Pre- qualification Questionnaire for the FRES SOSI Operating through Fusion and led by Finmeccanica, the team – Finmeccanica, MBDA, General Dynamics UK and BAE Systems – will seek to be awarded the FRES SOSI role. If selected, it will provide its wealth of FRES SOSI-related expertise to work in partnership with the UK MoD to ensure effective delivery of the FRES capability. In this role, Fusion would reinforce the MoD in achieving operational coherence with both the British Army’s existing armoured fighting vehicles fleet and other networked defence assets at the time of initial FRES fielding, sustaining coherence through life.

The four companies would apply their proven UK based competence from complex programmes to achieve rapid insertion of effective technology from the MoD’s supply base to ensure battle winning capability for our armed forces deployed in operations.

“Each team member contributes to the balance of skills required for a strong systems integrator role on this major program and Fusion will be demonstrably independent of individual suppliers” says Sir Kevin Tebbit, Chairman of Finmeccanica UK. “Our strategic objective is to bring this expertise to bear, in full partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence and the potential supply chain, to ensure a throughlife response to the requirement which is low risk, provides value for money and is compliant with the Defence Industrial Strategy.”

About Fusion
Led by Finmeccanica, Fusion offers the best in integration skills, programme management expertise and knowledge of synthetic environments needed for the FRES programme. Fusion incorporates capability provided by MBDA, General Dynamics UK and BAE Systems. Key staff are seconded into Fusion from the companies ensuring that the best skills are integrated into the team.

About FRES
FRES is a family of networked enabled, air-deployable armoured vehicles for the British Army, forming the backbone of the military’s medium weight force well into the future. It will replace elements of the existing fleet of armoured vehicles nearing their out of service dates.

The FRES SOSI will reinforce the UK MoD in the rapid delivery of FRES at the best value for money through life. The MoD’s skills will be augmented through the transfer of industry knowledge in the management of large, complex programmes. The SOSI will operate within an alliance structure, led by the MoD, and will be demonstrably independent of supplier interests for example to assist the MoD
in the selection of systems and sub-systems.

For further information:

Finmeccanica: Laura Gilbert +44 (0) 207 240 2486
Fusion: Dennis Burton +44 (0) 1202 408512