Germany launches PARS 3 LR main armament for Tiger helicopter


The procurement contract for the PARS 3 Long Range precision fire-and-forget weapon system was signed in Koblenz by the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB), LFK-MBDA Deutschland and Diehl BGT Defence.

PARS 3 LR (third generation missile/long-range) is the main armament for the Tiger helicopter ordered by the German Army. The contract for industrialisation and series production of the PARS 3 LR missiles will be managed by PARSYS, a joint venture between LFK GmbH (50%), now part of MBDA, and Diehl BGT Defence (50%).

The contract, valued at €380 million, covers industrialization and delivery of 680 missiles for the German Army by the year 2014.

PARS 3 LR was developed for the Tiger support helicopter for defeating hardened high-value targets from a distance of up to 6,000m. The new fire-and-forget missile allows the helicopter to quit its position immediately after firing, thereby increasing the survivability of the platform and crew. The precision of the state-of-the-art missile is assured by the passive infrared seeker combined with the optical system, enabling unambiguous target identification and target designation over the entire range spectrum. The warhead has been proven against a variety of targets and has the growth potential to fulfil future requirements.

Development of the overall PARS 3 LR system was formally completed in mid-2004. However, LFK GmbH has been manufacturing key components of the PARS 3 LR system which have then been integrated by Eurocopter into the platform since the series production contract for the 80 Tiger helicopters was signed in 1998.

Werner Kaltenegger, Managing Director of LFK – MBDA Deutschland, said: “We are delighted to be able to sign this contract as it consolidates the German missile industry over a common programme and provides the best weapon solution for the Tiger and the Bundeswehr, while also securing our industrial capability and important key technologies for LFK, DBD and our subcontractors”.

Marwan Lahoud, MBDA’s CEO, said: “This German procurement decision is a major step forward as it provides a European solution for the Tiger’s main armament needs and a significant contribution of Germany to building up battlefield engagement solutions for Europe”.