Franco-Italian PAAMS final qualification firing success


PR_2007-05-16The final system qualification firing of the Franco-Italian Aster PAAMS (E)  (Principal Anti-Air Missile System) naval air defence weapon was completed today, 14th May, at the Centre d’essais de la Méditerranée (CELM) test range in France.

The test fulfilled all the objectives set and, as such, was confirmed to be a complete success.

The firing was conducted on board the Italian Carabiniere ship with the PAAMS (E) System comprising the Empar radar and associated fire control system, A50 Sylver Vertical Launcher and Aster 30 missile.

The qualification firing scenario was representative of a PAAMS (E)-equipped air defence frigate defending a consort ship attacked by two subsonic missiles flying at very low altitude.

The first target was to be intercepted by a simulated Aster 30 and the second target was to be intercepted by a real Aster 30 missile. All the successive phases of the engagement were successfully executed, the second target being intercepted and directly hit at the intended medium range (around 19km) by the Aster 30 missile.

Fabrizio Giulianini, Surface-Air Multinational Programme Director, said : « This final successful qualification firing confirms the tremendous importance of establishing a fully  integrated Franco-Italian team of engineers to work on the Aster missile programme. »