Estonia selects Mistral for its air defence


28th February 2007, the Estonian Ministry of Defence has signed a contract valued at around €60 million with MBDA and SAAB AB for the supply of Mistral air defence missiles (MBDA) and associated Giraffe AMB radars (SAAB AB).

The contract was won by the two-company consortium led by MBDA following a competition against Raytheon of the USA.

This latest selection makes Estonia the ninth European country and the 27th in the world to be equipped with a Mistral weapon system.

Jean-Pierre Talamoni, MBDA’s Commercial Director, said: “This contract is highly satisfying at several levels, firstly it confirms the superiority of Mistral over the current competition – from the USA and elsewhere, secondly it reinforces the inexorable move towards a Europe equipped by its own industry in meeting its defence needs. Finally, it is a privilege to have been selected by Estonia which, with this contract, is carrying out the most significant defence development in its history”.