An MBDA Exocet MM40 successfully test fired with its new Brazilian motor

copyright Brazilian Navy

The first such project carried out by Brazil, involving an investment of 75 million Reals, giving the country autonomy in the development of anti-ship missile motors.

The Brazilian Navy has successfully carried out a firing trial of an Exocet MM40 missile, equipped with a motor developed, produced and certified by Avibras in partnership with MBDA. This is the first time that the Brazilian Navy has carried out such a test which represents the country’s autonomy in obtaining anti-ship missile motors which, in the future, could also be used on other kinds of missile, both national and foreign. The test was carried out in the open ocean from the Brazilian Navy corvette Barroso.

According to Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto, Commander of the Brazilian Navy, the firing was an example of a successful programme of technology cooperation, saying: “this test marks one of the great successes of recent times for the Brazilian Navy”.  The programme, launched in 2008, benefited from a total investment of around 75 million Reals (€ 30 million).

This firing and the cooperative development carried out between the two companies is part of the Exocet MM40 missile renovation and operational maintenance programme and for MBDA, an element of its strategy aimed at creating long-term partnerships with Brazilian industry.

The objective of this trial was to verify and validate the maximum performance of the missile’s new flight propellant over its maximum range which was achieved without any difficulty.

Another aspect of the trial was the replacement of the Exocet warhead by a telemetry unit supplied by the Brazilian company Mectron which was equally involved in the development. This equipment permitted the real-time measurement of all the relevant parameters of the fired missile (velocity, pressure, cruise trajectory etc.). Two frigates and three helicopters of the Brazilian Navy, equipped with interconnected monitoring devices covering the deployment area, also participated in the exercise.

The success of this test demonstrates the ability of Avibras concerning the development, production and certification of this type of Exocet MM40 missile propulsion technology as well as the possibility of carrying out series production. It also demonstrated the successful technical and personnel cooperation of the different companies involved.

“I welcome the success of this firing exercise which reinforces the cooperation between our government and both national and international companies as well as the way it opens up new markets to the companies involved in the programme”, stated Sami Youssef Hassuani, CEO of Avibras.

This test reinforces our strategic partnership with Brazil, a prominent power in the global geopolitical arena”, stressed Patrick de La Revelière, Vice President of Export Sales MBDA.

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