2005 confirms qualities of ASPIDE / ASPIDE 2000 surface-to-air missile


With a success rate exceeding 92% achieved in over 40 test-firing campaigns carried out around the world with ASPIDE and ASPIDE 2000 missiles during 2005, the qualities of this highly effective air defence system have once again been strongly emphasised.

These successful test-firings, carried out from SPADA and Skyguard launchers for the ground based tests and from Albatros launchers for the naval tests, are renewed proof of the qualities of these systems. The exceptional operational reliability and high kill probability of the multi-role ASPIDE and its latest variant, ASPIDE 2000, are a true reflection of MBDA’s technical excellence in the sector.

The global success rate of these tests (over 90%) has more than met the requirements of the customer.

Since entering service in the 1980s, the ASPIDE missile has registered a series of successes throughout an extensive range of test campaigns. To date, a record number of more than 700 firings have been carried out. The vast majority of these tests have been carried out under a wide range of differing conditions by the customer/user during firing exercises and training. Several types of target have been used – including those using evasive manoeuvres and other “real” targets as used in training exercises against the sea-skimming threat.

The current ASPIDE 2000 is the upgraded version of the original ASPIDE missile. These upgrades mainly revolve around a new propulsion system and certain components that have been introduced to meet a threat that has evolved since the introduction of the missile. Just as the missile benefits from ongoing upgrades, so do the launch systems that now feature the latest technologies. Namely SPADA 2000, firing the ASPIDE missile, a system that meets all the requirements of today’s deployment scenario – mobility, flexibility of use, interoperability and ability to link into a wider air-defence architecture.

These technology features enable MBDA to offer a short-range air defence system (SHORAD) whose lifecycle is envisaged to extend beyond 2025. ASPIDE is an integral component of MBDA’s portfolio of air defence systems for today and the future, a portfolio that ranges from very short range (VSHORAD) to extended air defence (EAD).