AI & DATA, a lever for complex weapons

MBDA hold its first AI & DATA conference in February 2024.

More than 250 people representing our customers, partners and MBDA AI & DATA experts  came together to share best ideas, lastest technologies and projects.

AI is not a new topic for MBDA, pioneering its incorporation within its systems for decades. However, the potential of AI is accelerating, and new use cases are emerging rapidly.

By embracing AI responsibly and investing in research and development, with a robust focus on responsible and ethical considerations, MBDA plans to stay at the forefront of innovation, delivering the best weapons systems to European countries and their allies.

MBDA has built an internal community of several hundred AI and DATA practitioners working closely with customers, developing partnerships with specialised stakeholders to progress in implementing AI in our systems weapons to best respond to our customers’ needs. It stimulates creativity and align our future goals.


Find out MBDA experts’ interviews and feedbacks regarding this conference:

  • Guido Lami and Denis Gardin, respectively Executive Group Director Technology and Performance, and Director of Innovation are answering some of the crucial questions regarding AI and its impact on defence.