The efficiency of guided weapon systems is critically determined by their terminal effect on targets. Producing and intelligently controlling this terminal effect while simultaneously avoiding collateral damage are key features required in weapon systems.

TDW GmbH is experienced in the design and manufacture of warheads and warhead systems including the associated fuzes and safety and arming devices. More than 2 million warhead systems have been produced and delivered so far.

Among TDW’s high performance products are shaped charge systems for anti-tank missiles, fragmentation warheads for air-defence and air-to-air missiles, as well as anti-aircraft lethality enhancers. In addition, TDW develops the lethal packages for new anti-ship missiles with land attack capabilities as well as insensitive torpedo warheads.

The available key technology include insensitive explosive charges with outstanding safety under extreme mechanical and thermal threats whilst providing ultimate destructive performance. Novel technologies are also target adaptive warheads and “intelligent” high shock resistant detonation triggering sensors.

TDW GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of MBDA Deutschland.

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