Second ‘Inspiring Women at MBDA’ event

Around 50 participants from our international women’s forum – Inspiring Women at MBDA – met at our site in Schrobenhausen, Germany. The focus of this event was expanding personal influence through building a strong network and the power of employees to create change for a more inclusive workplace.

Inspiring Women at MBDA 2023

At MBDA, it’s our ambition that by 2030 30% of our workforce will be women, including in senior and top leadership positions.

This is about much more than a better gender balance. We know that our business benefits from a working environment and culture that are appealing, fair and inclusive for all genders. In addition, we must actively promote access to technical professions and the defence industry for female trainees, students and graduates, to continue to build a pipeline of diverse talent for the future.

Inspiring Women at MBDA 2023

Across all the national companies in our Group, we support a positive and open exchange of experiences and discussions around these important topics, in order to better understand our common challenges and our differences across the Group, and to seek the right solutions to achieve these goals.

“Inspiring Women at MBDA act as change ambassadors. Through the forum, we provide resources, mentoring and growth opportunities for professional and personal development. In doing so, we empower women to thrive and make a lasting impact.”

Annica, a technology project manager

The event also provided a great opportunity for senior leaders to engage in informative discussions with members of the forum.

Inspiring Women at MBDA 2023

Attendees also got helpful inspiration for how to create a more diverse future from guest speaker Maria Elena Alvarez Camps, Head of Transformation at Airbus Defence who gave an insight into the work and ED&I initiatives in her workplace.

“We have set ourselves the goal of improving the gender ratio across all levels. This requires many different measures. One important pillar is to provide a platform to highlight women and provide them with tools to help them progress in their careers. Networking is an important tool in this. When ‘Inspiring Women at MBDA’ come together, you can feel the concentrated positive energy in the room and the mere concept of empowerment is filled with pure life.”

Brigitte, a Diversity, Inclusion & Social Governance lead at MBDA


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