MBDA’s Sustainability Report is now available

Sustainability Report 2022


“MBDA exists to help defend the sovereignty of our nations and our continent. By sovereignty, I mean the freedom of appreciation of a situation, the freedom of decision and the freedom of action. This is a prerequisite for being free to choose an inclusive and sustainable model of society. It goes also with ethics and the way we are ensuring, both on a daily basis and in terms of the long-term strategy definition, sovereignty for our customers. This Sustainability Report sets out what MBDA is doing at Group-level to be a responsible corporate citizen.” Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA

Our Sustainability Report for 2022

The report presents our group-level ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) roadmap, defined in 2022, through analysis of industry trends, regulation evolution, and engagement with our internal and external stakeholders.

Based on 12 priorities covering the ESG three dimensions, the ESG roadmap provides a framework to highlight our five-year action plan, with specific objectives and indicators against which we monitor our progress for each priority (“12 Action sheets”):

  • Environment: At MBDA, we are committed to making our planet more sustainable. This means limiting as much as possible our environmental impact and creating virtuous value chains.
  • Social: By implementing various initiatives across our national companies, MBDA aims to create an attractive environment for new recruits while guaranteeing the fulfillment of our employees.
  • Governance: Our governance describes the ways in which we run our business and ensure the integrity of our practices, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We work closely with a variety of stakeholders throughout our value chain.

The report also presents the progress we have made in 2022 across the group to make our company even more committed to sustainable development. Numerous initiatives, emanating either from the Group or from national companies, illustrate this commitment. All of these initiatives help create value for our various stakeholders, increase the Group’s attractiveness while mitigating environmental, social and governance risks.

This 2022 Sustainability Report also presents for the first time an “ESG Materiality Matrix”, positioning the 12 ESG priorities with regard to your expectations (based on the feedback received from the ESG internal survey that was carried out in March), and their impact on the business (in-house experts analysis). This tool helps us visualise and establish our ESG strategy guidelines while integrating our stakeholders’ requirements.

We will continue to develop our ESG strategy to address the challenges that our company, our industry, our society and our planet face while disclosing our performance in the most transparent manner possible.

Read our Sustainability Report: Link to the report