MBDA presents latest missile technologies at LAAD 2023


Location: Hall 3, Stand G40

At the LAAD exhibition that takes place between 11-14th April 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, MBDA will be showing the company’s unique capacity to provide cutting-edge technological solutions in the area of guided weapons for the armed forces (air, sea, land).

Highlights will include the display of the CAMM family of missiles, already contracted by the Brazilian Navy and many other customers, and which is fully compliant with the Brazilian Medium Range/Altitude GBAD Requirements in its CAMM-ER version. CAMM’s integration in the Tamandaré-class frigates, currently being carried out with local industry, will give Brazil the most advanced naval air defence system on the market. In the air domain of course a highlight will be MBDA’s Meteor beyond visual range anti-air missile (BVRAAM) that is unrivalled as a long-range air dominance weapon.


METEOR is MBDA’s revolutionary ramjet powered and network-enabled beyond visual range air-to-air missile, which is widely recognised as a game changer for air combat. Key to this is Meteor’s throttleable ramjet engine, active radar seeker and datalink that combine to provide unmatched end-game speed and manoeuvrability at greatly extended ranges, resulting in its all-important ‘No-Escape Zone’ being several times greater than any other existing or planned BVR weapons. Meteor is integrated on fighter aircraft including Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale and is being integrated to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and KF-21.


CAMM and CAMM-ER are MBDA’s latest addition to its catalogue of air defence systems for both naval and land applications. The naval system is known as SEA CEPTOR and has been chosen as the air defence system to protect the Brazilian Navy’s new Tamandaré-class corvettes. The CAMM family provides the latest air defence technologies including a highly advanced digital RF seeker, two-way datalink and soft-vertical launch, and are purpose built for air defence. The system is able to counter all modern threats, including swarms and low-radar cross section targets in all weathers from multiple directions and in the fact of electronic countermeasures. CAMM and CAMM-ER share the same advanced electronic components (the seeker, datalink, etc), with the main difference being their rocket motors, which are optimised for engagements at different ranges within a layered air defence system. CAMM is optimised for engagements at ranges of up to 25 km, including of late emerging threats at close range, while CAMM-ER has a larger rocket motor that is optimised for extended range engagements over 40 km.

MISTRAL has proven itself a major success story with a 96% success rate in all firings. This highly versatile IR missile, the missile can be deployed as a man portable air defence system (MISTRAL MANPADS) or from a number of land and ship based launch systems, such as the SIMBAD RC system for naval air defence.

VL MICA NG is the new generation MICA air defence weapon system offering excellent self-defence and local area defence capability for a wide range of surface combatant vessels and land applications. VL MICA NG is available with two state-of-the-art seekers (IR or RF) and with a new dual-pulse rocket motor providing extended range engagement capability out to 40 km. It can counter the most severe infrared and electronic countermeasure scenarios with a very high kill probability.


EXOCET probably ranks as the world’s best known anti-ship missile. Exocet features low signature, sea-skimming flight at very low altitudes, late seeker activation, enhanced target discrimination and Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM) combine to make this a redoubtable weapon indeed. Exocet is offered in three variants: the submarine launched SM39, the air launched AM39 and the surface launched MM40. The latest surfaced launched version of Exocet is the MM40 Block 3 variant within the EXOCET family is a 200+ km class weapon suitable for launch from ships or from coastal batteries. Already in service, this latest generation EXOCET features 3D waypoints, low sea-skimming flight profile and the ability to strike coastal land targets as well as ships.


AKERON MP and AKERON LP are the world’s only fifth generation land combat missiles designed for dismounted infantry as well as for integration on combat vehicles and aircraft. With a range in excess of 4,000m, Akeron MP has a programmable warhead capable of defeating all targets, from the best protected main battle tanks, personnel, and structures. This network enabled missile fires in fire and forget mode, with a unique operator above the loop functionality that enables Akeron MP to be quickly and easily redirected in flight for aim point refinement, or lock-on after launch functionalities. Akeron LP includes the same features as Akeron MP but with the addition of a semi-active laser (SAL) guidance mode and extended range for engaging targets up to 20 km away.

ENFORCER is a lightweight missile system that enables the effective engagement of a wide range of targets, including lightly armoured static and moving targets and threats behind cover. MBDA has partnered with Brazilian company Xmobots to combine Enforcer with the Brazilian Nauru 1000C unmanned aerial vehicle. Together Enforcer and Nauru 1000C provide a potent ability to engage a wide range of targets from safe standoff distances, rather than relying upon freefall weapons that risk the safety of the drone and struggle to engage moving targets.

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