The French Ministry of the Armed Forces orders 367 MICA NG (New Generation) missiles

At a weekly press briefing on Thursday 18 March, a spokesperson for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces highlighted the order placed for 367 MICA NG next-generation interception, combat and self-defence missiles.

• MICA NG: addressing the evolution of adverse threats, protecting national territory, acquiring and maintaining air superiority.

The order – welcomed by the Armed Forces Minister and notified to MBDA by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) on 5 March – provides for the delivery of 367 MICA NGs between 2028 and 2031.

Under the programme, implemented as part of the 2019-2025 military programming law, a total of 567 MICA NGs are planned. This figure includes 200 already ordered from MBDA by the DGA at the end of 2018, for delivery from 2026 onwards. The MICA NGs will upgrade the medium-range interception, close combat and self-protection capabilities of French Air Force and Navy Rafales.

This order further consolidates France’s defence technological and industrial base by securing the employment of 200 to 300 people over a five-year period at MBDA and its subcontractors; in total, the MICA NG programme represents an investment of around 1.8 billion euros.

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