MBDA – right alongside our clients throughout the pandemic

90% of our Field Technicians decided to remain right alongside our clients.

At MBDA, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, we immediately rolled out a set of measures to ensure the safety and health of our people. In the case of those working abroad, we gave particular support to our Permanent Field Technicians (PFTs). Because of the importance of their work with our clients around the world, our PFTs remain in post for at least six months. However, as the global health pandemic began to close borders, we offered to repatriate all PFTs to their home countries in Europe, or to continue to support them if they chose to remain and continue their work in our clients’ countries. In a testament to our FTs professionalism and commitment, 90% decided to remain where they were, right alongside our clients.

For Damien*, one of our PFTs, staying put was the obvious decision. “The crisis is heightening the feeling of insecurity and vulnerability … Our being here reassures our clients because they know they can still count on us at any time,” he said. However, Damien recognised it was not an easy decision. “It’s difficult when you can’t see what’s coming and don’t know when you’ll be able to go home to your family and children,” he added.

PFTs have many duties, including; receiving a clients’ equipment when it arrives in the country, supervising installation, training and maintenance. They also provide assistance and advice to military personnel familiarising themselves with new MBDA systems. As effective interfaces between a client and the Company, PFTs remain in close contact with teams based in our home nations who they can contact for specialist advice or expertise.

As a company, we are proud to have such dedicated employees who decided to remain with our clients. Even though this meant some of them would be unable to see their relatives, and in some cases even their children. Such commitment is the basis of our value and reputation that goes beyond the performance and reliability of our products. With the support of our teams who have remained on-site or who are working remotely, they have shown that MBDA meets its commitments even in times of crisis. That we will always try to be right alongside our clients.


* name has been changed for security reason.