Airspeed to explore advanced composite material manufacturing techniques for MBDA’s MMP missile for LAND400

MMP in operation
MMP in operation

MBDA Australia today announced a new contract with South Australian composite company Airspeed.

Under this contract, Airspeed will use its advanced aerospace composite manufacturing techniques to explore alternative production options for the MMP anti-tank guided missile launch tube.
“MBDA is offering its MMP missile as part of the $20 billion Land 400 project, It is the only fifth generation anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) that is in production and in service today, and represents the cutting edge of technology, design and performance,” MBDA Australia Managing Director, Andy Watson said.

“It is only natural for MBDA to work with Airspeed to develop similarly cutting-edge production techniques that could create more efficient and cost effective manufacturing methods,” Mr Watson said.

“The work that Airspeed will do on this project is a real demonstration of Australian high-tech capability in the defence industry and opens up future global supply chain opportunities with MBDA,” he said.

“MBDA’s approach to Australian Industrial Capability is based on two principles:1) ensuring the Federal Government has the highest level of independent capability in its use of the missile and 2) generating real opportunities for Australian industry.

“As we have said for some time now, our aim is for MMP to become the first missile that is built, maintained and evolved in Australia and I see this contract as a major step in delivering that vision,” Mr Watson said.
Airspeed managing director, Steve Barlow, said “we are thrilled to work with MBDA on this project, which is a vote of confidence not only for our company, but the wider Australian defence industry.”
The contract with Airspeed is the latest in a series of agreements with Australian companies that has established a comprehensive industrial partnering network for MBDA Australia and builds on MBDA’s established record for technology transfer locally.

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