MBDA – Showcasing advanced missile system capabilities at Pacific 2017

MBDA is pleased to announce its presence at Pacific 2017 held in Sydney from the 3rd to 5th of October. At the exposition MBDA will be displaying a number of major developments, not only aimed at maritime operations but also for land and air. With Australia looking for a new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle under its Land 400 program, MBDA stands to offer the best Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) available, MMP.

MMP is the only fully qualified and proven fifth generation ATGW available, and MBDA has decided to use the opportunity presented by Pacific 2017 to focus on and show the operational and industrial advantages of this unmatched weapon. MMP is the latest addition to MBDA’s range of battlefield systems and is already being delivered to the French armed forces. It is both the most advanced and least risky missile solution for Land 400 Phase 2.

In addition to MMP’s clear operational and technological advantages, during Pacific 2017 MBDA will be discussing, how its proposal also represents a major plus to Australian industry. Chris Wells, MBDA’s Regional Director for Australia explains “Our approach to Australian Industrial Content is based on two principles: ensuring the Commonwealth has the desired level of operational independence and sovereignty in its use of the missile and generating real opportunities for Australian industry.”

“We believe the best way to achieve this is for Australia’s MMP to be built, maintained and evolved in Australia. This would mean that the missiles would never need to leave the country apart from during operational deployments. ”

With Australia’s necessity to protect vital offshore positions or deployed forces, MBDA will be displaying its Deployable Land Based Anti-Ship Missile system capable of denying hostile ships reaching or threatening assets. The system features two complementary missiles, the 200 km class Exocet MM40 B3 and the 100+ km range Marte ER missiles. These fire-and-forget all weather systems can work in autonomous mode with their own radars, or alternatively, the system has the capability of data-linking to a third party within a wider coastal surveillance network for over the horizon engagements in complex environments. Enemy ships will find it very hard to defend against the low sea-skimming flight and complex way-point manoeuvers designed to confuse and evade interception.

MBDA will also be featuring the Sea Ceptor air defence system, which has just completed its first of class firings with the UK’s Royal Navy. Built around MBDA’s Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), Sea Ceptor is capable of protecting naval forces from the full range of current and future air threats, including the latest supersonic anti-ship missiles, small precision guided munitions and combat aircraft. In total six nations have already chosen the CAMM family to provide their future air defence including the Royal New Zealand Navy for its Anzac upgrade and by the Chilean Navy to equip its current Type 23 frigates.

Also prominent on the company’s stand will be the next generation, multi-featured Sea Venom anti-ship missile. A full suite of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons for the F-35 will also be on display.

MBDA Australia is pleased to confirm it will be on Stand 4C 10 during the course of the exhibition.

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