The MBDA MMP programme receives the AAT – Ingénieur Général Chanson Award

Photo-The MBDA MMP programme receives the AAT – Ingénieur Général Chanson AwardWith the Land 400 Phase 2 Risk Mitigation Activity programme soon drawing to a close, MMP remains the only 5th Generation land combat missile system in full scale production today. MMP has been designed from the outset for both dismounted troops and vehicle integration, and is now in the delivery phase for use by the French army and Special Forces.

On 27 June, the 44th French Association of Land Armaments (Association de l’Armement Terrestre or AAT) Ingénieur Général Chanson award was presented by DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement of the French ministry of Armed Forces) Executive Vice President Vincent Imbert to Vincent Guibout (MMP Programme Leader at MBDA) and Alain Prugne (MMP Programme Director at the DGA) for their work on the ‘Missile Moyenne Portée’ MMP weapon system.
Particularly ambitious technically and in terms of its lead time, the MMP programme is now keeping all its promises. The latest qualification test firings have confirmed the level of maturity achieved at the end of a short development lead time, with a remarkable level of performance recognised and welcomed by the community of users; a level that puts this missile a very long way ahead of its competitors.

The MMP system is packed with the latest innovative technologies; a visible and uncooled IR seeker, image processing, multi-effect warhead, high-performance fibre optic datalink and lightweight materials; to provide unmatched lethality against the full range of modern and future battlefield targets at ranges in excess of 4km.

MMP is being integrated onto multiple vehicles and turrets demonstrating the exceptional flexibility of this system for modern Armies.  MMP provides an ideal solution for Australian defence programmes such as LAND 400 (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) and LAND 4108 (Direct Fire Support Weapons).