MMP programme approaches IOC


As the LAND 400 Risk Mitigation Activity programme gets underway, MBDA’s MMP 5th generation battlefield weapon completes qualification.

MMP qualification firings continue to have success with performance capability now firmly demonstrated in anti-tank, anti-personnel and anti-structure modes of operation. The latest firings were undertaken using the Lock On After Launch mode, using targets not visible to the operator at firing. This mode allows the operator to use the inbuilt functions within the missile to designate the target and accurately adjust the point of impact after launch to allow for maximum engagement success.

The latest firings have again confirmed the system’s ease of use for operators with the French Army closely involved in the qualification of the system. This level of involvement will allow the French armed forces to deploy MMP rapidly giving them a significant advantage in operational theatres especially taking into account next generation features provided by the system.

With over 20 test firings and numerous ground tests, MMP has proven its unparalleled precision in guidance accuracy, image quality and lethal chain performance. MMP remains a flexible system designed for both Infantry and vehicle integration, allowing engagement of a broad target set, rapid into action times and Lock on Before Launch, Fire and Forget mode alongside Lock after Launch, Man in the Loop engagements for collaterally sensitive scenarios.

With qualification complete and deliveries to the French Army commencing in 2017, MMP provides an ideal solution for Australian defence programmes such as LAND 400 and LAND 4108.