Live Eurosatory – MBDA unveils LICORNE

To complement its Ground Based Air Defence Systems (GBAD) Command and Control (C2) family, MBDA has developed the LICORNE system which offers a very lightweight C2 solution able to coordinate VSHORAD systems such as those within the Mistral family. This highly mobile C2 is derived from the currently in-service MBDA I-MCP and PCP systems family,  using the same software components, architecture and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

The system is designed to offer a first level of coordination for VSHORADS deployed by fast reaction forces or amphibious or airborne operations. Its ruggedized hardware components, sunlight readable screens and open systems interfaces allow for rapid deployment in the open, within a shelter or in a vehicle. Its scalable architecture allows for a rapid start of  operation after an air drop of the first components of a Mistral battery, as would occur for example when needed to protect an improvised airfield.

To provide surveillance, detection and identification functions with a high level of connectivity, LICORNE is designed to be linked with passive infrared 360° surveillance sensors, lightweight radars or ESM and acoustic sensors and provides all the necessary functions of a C2 such as multi-sensor data fusion, real time ranging functions, processing of the air picture and kill assessment.
Various options allow for the use of LICORNE under the control of an upper level of command or in coordination with other LICORNE systems with capabilities such as exchange of a common air picture or even the feedback of images seen by the sensors of the weapon systems, this being achieved via standard military data link protocols such as JREAP-C.

With 70,000 surface-to-air missiles, more than 4,000 fire points and almost 2,000 Command and Control (C2) systems sold over the last fifty years, MBDA has an unrivalled experience in the field of anti-aircraft systems in Europe and in export countries and covers the full anti-air defence spectrum, from very short to long range.


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