High Energy Laser Weapon Systems

MBDA has more than 30 years’ experience working on high energy laser activities, conducting extensive research and development on a variety of programmes and related activities across Europe.
Through its extensive experience in air defence system design and development, MBDA can provide full system solutions complementing conventional weapon systems with laser effectors. MBDA’s competencies as a system integrator cover the entirety of the product life cycle from design to integration and customer support. Learn more…


Autonomous, C-RAM capable and transportable laser effector with over 100 kW of power (C) MBDA Deutschland


Mini drones represent a new type of threat demanding the consideration of new solutions, beyond conventional effectors. Recent incidents have seen mini drones disrupting high profile events and flying over protected locations. Highly precise and scalable laser weapon systems could protect major events and critical infrastructures and close a current capability gap.

MBDA’s successes in technology have led to the development of a high energy laser weapon demonstrator. Since 2008, MBDA Deutschland has developed and successfully tested a high energy laser weapon demonstrator against a broad range of threats, including rapidly manoeuvre, highly dynamic targets such as mini-UAVs.  Functionality of the full operation of a laser weapon system has been proven in a series demonstrations and tests from target acquisition, engagement and destruction at distances of up to 2km.

In its system studies, MBDA is examining laser-armament options for naval and air applications as well as ground-based mobile laser effector concepts with capacities in excess of 100kW, 360-degree coverage and open system architecture for close and intermediate-range protection against micro UAVs and RAM (rocket and mortar) targets.

MBDA can provide full system solutions complementing conventional weapon systems with laser effectors.



MBDA’s High Energy Laser effector

MBDA’s Laser effectors characteristics

At the heart of MBDA Deutschland’s technology demonstrator is a multi-stage, highly precise tracker and laser effector that bundles numerous laser sources into a single laser beam using the principle of geometric coupling.This approach makes it possible to combat small, highly agile targets reliably with a single laser effector.

Key features are:

  • Ultra-high performance density from one effector
  • Extremely precise fine tracking and multi-stage control
  • Proof of system’s ability to engage highly agile targets
  • Future-proof principle


Precise tracking of a dummy mortar ©MBDA Deutschland WPC00166

laser weapon systems advantages

Laser technology provides major advantages for military applications due to precise and scalable effects.

  • High precision and rapid on-target effect
  • Scalable effect
  • Avoidance of collateral damage caused by fragmenting ammunition
  • Low logistics overhead and minimum costs per firing


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