MBDA Website Authors

This website was developed by MBDA Support Communication Department, in collaboration with Tequilarapido, for the Graphic Chart and development.

Photos and Intellectual Property

Any reproduction or other use of the photographic documents for which MBDA or one of its entities holds the copyright is expressly forbidden in any type of publication (print, Internet, TV) without the prior approval of the concerned MBDA entity. These documents can only be used for an application that has been accepted by MBDA, and for a single use.

Any re-use of this type of document must receive the prior approval of the concerned MBDA entity.

Any document that has been lent by MBDA may not be transmitted to a third party in any way whatsoever.

Any change to a photo supplied by MBDA, or to its caption, must receive the prior written approval of MBDA.

No photo may be used for advertising purposes without authorization.

If you manipulate in any way the image, you create a “derivative” work. According to current copyright law, the creator of the original work is considered the owner of the copyright, and therefore you do not hold the copyright to the derivative work, insofar as you are not the owner of the original work.

Based on agreements between MBDA and photographers, the downloadable photos in the Media Gallery section of this site are exclusively reserved for newspapers.

MBDA Website photo credits

  • Alexandre Paringaux
  • Evrard Taquet
  • Jérôme Salles
  • G. Deulin
  • Frédéric Lert
  • Frédéric Watlbled
  • G.H. Lee
  • J. Hunter
  • Kristofer Sjostrom
  • M. Plouvier
  • Raphael Martinez
  • Alain Gortais
  • Alessandro Avignoni
  • Antoine Gonin
  • Daniel Lutanie
  • Davy Bauret
  • Isabelle Chapuis
  • J. Taourin
  • Michel Hans
  • Michel Toineau
  • Rémi Lecourieux
  • Thierry Wurtz
  • Berry Visser
  • Patrick Gillis
  • Yves Debay
  • Laurent Guichardon
  • Sidonie Deschamps
  • Chris Miles
  • DR