• Counters submarine attacks from safe stand off ranges
  • Instant operational availability
  • All weather, fast reaction
  • Low manpower requirement


Derived from the OTOMAT MK2 missile system, MILAS is designed to carry and release an MU-90, or similar, lightweight torpedo, close to the designated submarine position, as indicated by the ship sonar or by a co-operating ASW helicopter or MPA.

MILAS is capable of ranges from 5 to in excess of 35 km in all directions.

The system effectiveness relies on the capability to update the trajectory and the torpedo release point continuously during the missile flight, with the added advantage of modifying the torpedo settings in respect of target manoeuvres.


  • Weight: 800 kg
  • Length: 6 m
  • Diameter: 460 mm


With its fast reaction time, operational range and availability, the system provides the launching ship and the escorted naval formation permanent and effective defence against the submarine, be it conventional or nuclear.

MILAS missiles can also be used together with OTOMAT MK 2 missiles in a common system for combined ASW and ASuW operations as in the Italian FREMMs.

Developed in co-operation by France and Italy, MILAS is in operational service with the Italian Navy.