• Unique off-the-shelf programmable device
  • Capable of activating all types of magnetic mines
  • Integrated real-time control system
  • High survivability of DEDALE components
  • Cost effective upgrade for in-service mine clearing equipment


DEDALE is a unique off-the-shelf decoying system designed to be compatible with and to complement other mine clearing systems such as rollers, ploughs and flails. Easily installed on mine clearing vehicles, DEDALE activates all types of magnetic mines at a safe forward distance by transmitting a programmable decoy magnetic signature.

Operating at normal column speed, DEDALE offers optimum levels of protection to route clearing systems such as SOUVIM 2.

  • Currently the only programmable countermining system available
  • High survivability and resistance to countermeasures
  • Greater than 3m range from the centre of the antennae
  • Compatible with all rollers and ploughs
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Easy vehicle installation
  • Low power requirement (less than 1 kilowatt)