• Effective against UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles and PGMs
  • Well proven in all weather conditions and ECM environments
  • Very high single shot efficiency
  • In service on 70 ships worldwide


Albatros is a well proven, all weather and highly ECM resistant naval system designed to counter aircraft, UAVs, helicopters at sea, as well as sea skimming and diving anti-ship missiles and PGMs.

The system is available with three versions of launcher (four, six and eight cells) to suit ship fitting requirements.

Two missile versions can be supplied with the system:

  • the standard ASPIDE for point defence
  • the ASPIDE 2000 for local area or consort ship defence.

The Continuous Wave (CW) transmitter provides the RF power necessary for the missile guidance that is radiated towards the targets through the Fire Control System tracker antenna.

The system is in service in 16 countries worldwide, on various classes of warship, from OPVs up to destroyers and aircraft carriers.


  • Length: 3.7 m
  • Diameter: 234 mm
  • Range: In excess of 25 km
  • Speed: High supersonic