Enforcer is MBDA’s answer to the need for a lightweight, high precision weapon, with stand-off capability for infantry and special forces, at an affordable cost. Learn more ….

Dismounted infantryman with Enforcer, copyright: MBDA Deutschland

Lightweight precision


The disposable, shoulder-launched guided weapon system Enforcer can be used to engage a broad variety of targets at ranges beyond the capability of currently available infantry weapons, including lightly armoured static and moving targets, and threats behind cover.

Enforcer will be offered to the German army, where it could complement the Wirkmittel 90 infantry weapon, offering an additional munition for the system.

The modular design of the Enforcer system enables a range of future development options, including the prospect of an Enforcer munitions family.

Enforcer is a German-led, multi-national MBDA programme. After a successful demonstration programme, the system development started in 2014.

Enforcer has now entered development phase and has completed six successful firings to prove technology and design viability.



Dismounted infantryman firing Enforcer



The Enforcer concept is a new lightweight, disposable shoulder-launched guided munition in the 2 km class. Modular design offers prospect of a future family of Enforcer munitions

Key features of Enforcer at a glance:

  • Fire-and-forget missile system
  • Range up to 2,000m
  • High precision over full range
  • Lock-on before launch (LOBL)
  • Capability against lightly armoured and soft skinned targets
  • Effect against targets behind cover through airburst capability
  • Multi-effects warhead
  • Enclosed space firing capability
  • Lightweight (missile + launch tube < 9kg)
  • Day and night operation
  • System weight (sight and two munitions) < 20kg
  • Missile weight < 7kg
  • Modular architecture

Enforcer with the detachable Airbus DS Optronics DynaHawk sight

New flexibility for infantry and special forces

MBDA is positioning Enforcer (KFK) as a complimentary multipurpose munition to existing shoulder-fired infantry weapon systems. It enables dismounted infantry to engage lightly protected battlefield/urban targets at relevant combat ranges, with high precision and minimal exposure to the operator.

Enforcer provides major advantages for infantry and special forces bringing valued benefits:

  • Superior range and effect compared to heavy machine guns and automatic grenade/rocket launchers
  • Designed for use against a wide range of static and moving targets, including concealed snipers
  • Capability against soft skinned and lightly armoured targets, and also light
  • Responds to the anticipated evolution of the military operations complexity scenarios
  • Low collateral damage weapon
  • Can be operated from behind cover and from enclosed/confined spaces
  • Can be carried and operated by a single soldier, with minimal exposure of the operator to enemy fireCompatible with the Wirkmittel 90 weapon system

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