Australian Armed Forces have operated MBDA developed Guided Missile systems for almost 60 years,  Australia’s soldiers and airmen have been protected by Ground Based Air Defence (jointly developed Bloodhound and Rapier systems) and Airborne (ASRAAM and R530 air to air missiles) and has been able to take the fight to the enemy with the Anti-Tank Guided Missile, Milan.

Today MBDA’s ASRAAM is providing the F/A-18 fleet unparalleled air combat capability whether over Australia or in the international coalition against ISIS. Through MBDA’s unique relationship with the Commonwealth, we have jointly enhanced the ASRAAM missile to ensure it continues to meet Australia’s needs.

MBDA’s mission is to provide Australia with decisive military capabilities and deliver Operation Sovereignty enabling strategic independence; MBDA is investing in Australia to ensure both positive economic and technological advantage for the Commonwealth.


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MBDA SEA CEPTOR Successfully completes its final first of class firing trials


MBDA SEA CEPTOR Successfully completes its final first of class firing trials While MBDA was showcasing Sea Ceptor at PACIFIC […]

MBDA SEA CEPTOR Successfully completes its final first of class firing trials While MBDA was showcasing Sea Ceptor at PACIFIC 2017 as an exciting new capability for Naval Based Air Defence (NBAD), the advanced air defence weapon system completed its final first of class firing trials for the British Royal Navy. Following on from the first round of trials last winter, the second set of trials from Royal Navy’s HMS Argyll saw the system tested against more complex scenarios, including rapidly engaging multiple simultaneous threats. Sea Ceptor offers a step-change in capability compared with legacy systems like Sea Wolf, which it is replacing in Royal Navy service. While Sea Wolf gave Royal Navy warships the capability to protect themselves, with Sea Ceptor the navy’s frigates will now also be able protect other vessels. Speaking following the success of the trials, Nick Neale, Sea Ceptor Programme Manager at MBDA said: “The performance and capabilities of Sea Ceptor have been fully demonstrated in these outstanding trials. Recognising the complexity of the new system, the consistent level of success achieved is quite remarkable and testament to the quality of MBDA’s verification and validation process”. Sea Ceptor’s missile is called CAMM (Common Anti-air Modular[...]
MMP programme approaches IOC

As the LAND 400 Risk Mitigation Activity programme gets underway, MBDA’s MMP 5th generation battlefield weapon completes qualification.


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