Denis Ballet

Executive Group Director Operations

Denis BalletDenis Ballet was appointed Executive Group Director Operations in September 2007, having previously been Director Engineering and Operations at MBDA France from 2002, where he was in charge of the design, development and manufacture (systems, subsystems and components) of missiles in France.

He joined Matra Défense in 1983, where he worked first as a project engineer for surface-to-air missiles before becoming Head of Mechanical Design in 1992.

On the creation of Matra BAe Dynamics (a merger of Matra Défense and BAe Dynamics), he became in 1997 Head of Mechanical Engineering for the whole of the new company. The following year, he took over the role of Director Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing.

Born in 1959, Denis graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique (ENSMA) in Poitiers. He also attended the CHEAr (Centre des Hautes Études de l’Armement) (2000).