Initiatives & Memberships

MBDA has been supporting initiatives to enhance the standards of compliance within the aerospace and defence industry for a long time and continues to do so.



Within the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), MBDA contributed to the Common Industry Standards (CIS) and signed the Statement of Adherence to the CIS.

The CIS are the result of an initiative by a number of major players in the European aerospace and defence industry. This industry-wide cooperative effort benchmarks and shares corporate integrity practices, with a view to determining commonly established standards.CIS logo





MBDA is a member of the International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct for the Aerospace and Defence Industry (IFBEC) which brings together major member companies of the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) and Aerospace and Defence Industries

Association of Europe (ASD). The purpose is the promoting and fostering through the Global Principles worldwide, industry-wide ethical standards for the companies that are active in the aerospace and defence business sector.



Global PrinciplesGlobal Principles

IFBEC members have jointly developed the Global Principles of Business Ethics for the Aerospace and Defence Industry (« Global Principles »). These Global Principles are based on best practices including the Common Industry Standards for European Aerospace and Defence and the Defence Industry Initiative on Ethics and Business Conduct in the US.