Code of Ethics

As the corner stone of MBDA’s commitment to integrity, the MBDA Code of Ethics clearly sets forth the ethical principles that every employee in the Group is supposed to follow.

The three general principles of the Code are as follows: compliance with laws and regulations; commitment to integrity; and seeking guidance and reporting concerns. These principles have been developed around four themes which are:

  • Business relationships
  • Our people
  • Protecting assets and information
  • A socially responsible company.

The MBDA Code of Ethics is available to each Group employee in his or her native language. Its content has been approved by MBDA Executive Committee.

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Other internal policies and procedures

Policies and procedures supporting the implementation of the Code of Ethics have been issued where appropriate to ensure employees have clear guidance on how to conduct business and act in a responsible way. The key reference policies are listed in the Code of Ethics, and available to all MBDA employees through the MBDA intranet site.

Amongst these documents, the MBDA Business Ethics Policy is a crucial element for preventing unethical, illegal or corrupt behaviour when conducting business activities.

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External Documents

Through our intranet site, all MBDA employees have also access to more detailed information and specific external documents regarding business ethics & compliance, in particular:

  • International conventions
  • Major international laws/regulations regarding anti-corruption
  • Aerospace and Defence sector initiatives

Awareness sessions and training on business ethics matters are continuously reinforced and monitored through a dedicated training programme.