Business Ethics Policy

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To make ethics and compliance an integral part of MBDA culture, a specific Business Ethics Policy has been published and recently updated.
MBDA Group Director Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Jacques Matamoros, explains why.

Why do we issue a new Business Ethics Policy today?

MBDA is committed to regularly update its Business Ethics Policy. Our current Policy was issued in October 2009. Since then our environment has moved, our organisation has evolved and we had to take all this into account.
Nowadays, MBDA’s strategy and firm belief, business ethics is a – key – element of a much broader approach which is being recognized as a socially responsible company.
This includes taking into consideration increasing obligations and expectations in the fields of business ethics obviously, but also of the environment, human rights, health and safety and community involvement.
This is not only a basis, but also an opportunity, for MBDA to remain economically successful and, beyond this, sustainable.

Is this why MBDA has recently decided to merge its Business Ethics & Compliance and Corporate Responsibility Directorates into a whole entity?

Absolutly it is. Development and maturity of both activities led to this decision. This allows each organization to benefit from each other and creates opportunities for integrating ethical, social, economic and environmental considerations more effectively into our policies and activities.

Practically speaking, what is new in this Business Ethics Policy?

This Policy is a continuation of the previous 2009 version. However, with this update, MBDA reaffirms the values it has chosen to abide by, the business ethics principles that govern the way it conducts its activities: Integrity, Transparency and Honesty, not to mention Responsibility and Traceability, principles without which these values could not be properly implemented.
This Policy must be easily understandable by all of us, even those not familiar with these subjects. It is intended first for all MBDA employees, but also for all our business partners who must be informed of and aware of MBDA’s commitments in this matter.
Any area which might be risky for the company from a business ethics standpoint must be identified. For each one this Policy defines the key principles that must be respected.

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Our key message: MBDA’s performance in business ethics is a critical part of its overall performance and its ability to successfully continue conducting its business activities. What counts now is not reduced to we do but also how we do it.
Jacques Matamoros, MBDA Group Director Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

Business Ethics Programme

Bus Ethics Programme-640pxTo fulfill the objectives of its Policy, MBDA has implemented a Business Ethics Programme, structured in 3 phases:

  • PREVENTING the risk of noncompliance with our business ethics obligations.
  • DETECTING any failure to implement our Group Procedures or any breach of our business ethics.
  • RESPONDING effectively to any identified weakness of Group Procedures or any violation of business ethics.